PO Box 1711
Traverse City, MI 49685
Phone: 231-709-2704

What You Can Do

Advocacy is an Important Support

In addition to financial support and volunteering, we need your advocacy for our efforts. There are many who, through fear or misunderstanding, do not understand the value of our programs and services.

What you can doIf you hear someone disparaging the project, invite them to check out this website to learn more about what we are really doing.

Help people understand that we don’t use the term “wet house,” and why. (It’s insulting to our residents, reducing them to their disease and implying that Dann’s House is a “party house.”)

Contact us if you know someone who would benefit from living at Dann’s House.

Consider having us come to your organization or place of worship and give a presentation about Dann’s House and how it is helping our community.

Your advocacy on our behalf is a valuable contribution to our continued efforts to build a sustainable future, and to provide transitional and supportive housing to the most needy and vulnerable members of our community. Thank you for your support and advocacy.