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Reflections of Rich Tomey

Rich Tomey was the kind of guy that when you said Rich everyone knew who you were talking about. He did not need explaining who he was he was Rich the person who you called for help. Rich was like a surrogate father to the young friends at Jubilee House and a best friend to those who were older and had been on the streets for a long time. He understood homelessness and addiction and had untold compassion for those who suffer from it. Rich was part of the “3 Amigos” of the early Safe Harbor days when it was… Read More »

Anthony G. Ciccone | 1956 ~ 2023

Anthony Gerard Ciccone passed away in Suttons Bay, Michigan on February 24, 2023 at the age of 66. The first of six children born to Madonna (Fortin) and Silvio Ciccone, Anthony seemed in many ways a character from a time other than his own: an insatiable reader possessing of a restless intellect ––a deep lover of music with a wanderer’s spirit –– it isn’t hard to imagine he’d have preferred walking through a woods bantering with Thoreau, or playing sidekick to Jack Kerouac; and as such, an earlier era might well have been kinder in receiving his anomalous gifts. A… Read More »

David Houseman

David was a gentle man. He came to us in a time of great need and after lots of soul searching, he managed sobriety for several months at the house. He had done so well that he decided to move on to more permanent living arrangement and was looking to get back to work. He roomed with Marvin who was also a DH resident that graduated to a more permanent sober living housing opportunity. Sadly David passed away in his apartment towards the end of 2022. David’s quiet and gentle soul will be greatly missed.

December Dann’s House News 2022 – Letter From the President

As 2022 come to a close so too does the leadership of one our Dann’s House board members. Brenda Bartz, our long time Board Chair and compassionate supporter (Den Mother), is stepping off our board. Brenda has been with us since 2014 and has dedicated her professionalism to this important cause. As a nurse she was able to problem solve when our guys need support. As an all around good person, she would roll up her sleeves, no questions asked, and do the grunt work around the house when needed. Brenda’s dedication is unmatched and she will be missed by… Read More »

July Dann’s House News 2022 – Letter from the President

August of this year we celebrate 9 years open to serving in Traverse City. There is a flurry of activity at Dann’s House. Our 8 residents have happily been bitten by the gardening bug! They are watering and weeding the vegetable and flowers and rewarded with watching their garden GROW. Speaking of growth this group of guys are forming into a “band of brothers” as proclaimed by House Manager Sandy. They are learning to trust each other and take care of each other. They are also taking care of the house and property with some ownership. This pride is also… Read More »

February Dann’s House News 2022 – Letter from the President

Covid finally hit the House – all the residents, staff and most board members succumbed to the virus. All were vaccinated and had mostly mild symptoms. We are grateful for that. Winter is rough on the residents without covid restrictions volunteers were able still to hold monthly meetings with food- always welcome. The guys attend facilitated weekly house meetings. House manager and case workers have managed to get guys to medical and various appointments. At the moment the house is fairly calm – but it fluctuates about as often as the weather. Positive notes: One of our residents who has… Read More »

September 2021 Open House Update

September 16th, we celebrated the completion of the duplex updates. The Open House included a delicious meal provided by our own Traverse City Mayor Jim Curruthers, a tour, and an update on our progress as a non profit . Soon we will need to strategize how to raise additional funds as our support from Northern Michigan Regional Entity will decrease. Alcohol Tax monies have supported almost 50% of our budget for the past several years. Big shout out to Staton Lorenz and Karl Keinath for their tireless work in making the renovations possible. We raised over $2,825 during the Open… Read More »

Annual Fundraiser

Dann’s House is celebrating the completion of our Duplex remodel and our wonderful supporters! September 16th 2021 5:30pm-8:00pm Short Program @ 6:30pm 3270 Veterans Drive Traverse City, MI 49696 Meal & Non-Alcoholic drinks provided

July Dann’s House News 2021 – Letter from the President

Summer Update. Dann’s House residents did a great job of surviving the Covid-19 virus. As of today, all residents have been vaccinated and restrictions have been lifted. Regular visiting hours are 10am-10pm daily. Stop by for a chat or play a game of pool. We have 10 men living at the duplex. 7 have housing vouchers, 2 are not funded and our night employee has a room as part of his benefits, The guys have participated in some gardening projects, lawn mowing, and general beautification. We now have new compacted stone walkways in the front and back yards. Hopefully, the… Read More »

February Dann’s House News 2021 – Letter from the President

Winter has set in Traverse City with zero temps and considerable snowfall. Here at Dann’s House the residents have a warm, comfortable house. They have remained safe during this pandemic. Hoping residents will be able to get vaccinated soon.  Our regular snow plow guy, due to a decline in his health, was unable to plow for us this year. We were left in a lurch when we had our first big snowfall and desperately needed to be plowed. Ben just happened to be driving by in his yellow plow truck and asked if he could help. He agreed to be… Read More »