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Letter from the President

January Dann’s House News 2021

Happy New Year friends of Dann’s House!

We have continued to stay safe at the House. The residents had a nice Holiday. Santa Sandy, AKA House Manager, had huge stockings filled with goodies. See the pictures. The Board also purchased requested needed gifts, such as boots, long underwear, even some art supplies and grooming items.

Adult men living in community isn’t without its challenges. NMSH case workers, Jason and Paul continue to work with the residents on various issues. Board member, Bob Bevier, holds a “House Meeting” every Wednesday. These services help the guys learn to sort out their differences and live in this unique living arrangement.

The garage has been totally transformed into an awesome space! Staton Lorenz, Board member extraordinaire, engineered the project and did 75% of the work. Thanks to Harry Hubbell, Board Member, The garage has heat! No hauling propane canisters this winter 😊.

The basement transformation in the north end duplex is complete. We have 2 new rooms which will house 2 men in each room. It was a labor of love and hard work – Staton and Karl easily put in 1000 hours into this project….many more. We made a decision to pay Karl…his hourly charge $5.00! Julie Falconer and myself helped with some painting. Check out the paint color. Staton’s choice. We love it now. We are in process of obtaining furnishing for the rooms.

We are in the process of seeking the right person to be the overnight assistant manager. Requirements include: sober and able to provide a stable presence at the house. Drivers License would be a bonus. We would provide a private room and a salary. Please contact me with potential leads.

Thank You for your support of Dann’s House


Brenda Bartz
Board President

December Dann’s House News 2020

Dann's House VanWe finally purchased the duplex on Veterans Drive the end of 2019. Since then we’ve accomplished SO much. Adding residents. Hiring a full time House Manager. Prioritizing house repairs. 

This summer we purchased a used van. The van has provided transportation to appointments, outings, and trips to the store. 

The house had drainage problems that resulted in water in the basement. Water was diverted by digging up and replacing the old drainage system. New roof and gutters with leaf filters were installed. I’m happy to report that problem has been resolved!

Dann's House VolunteerAdditional bedrooms are being added to the north end of the duplex. This will increase our ability to house up to 4 additional men. 

The big project this fall has been converting the garage into a space the guys can be together and hang out. They play pool and other card games. Insulation and paneling was added to the walls and ceiling. A new insulated garage door was installed. Yet to be finished is installing natural gas heating in the garage. 

There are many layers to operating a house such as Dann’s House. With every new resident that is added to the house there is an adjustment period. Each guy brings new challenges. Trust is a major factor. These guys have been on the street a long time. They have been used to having personal items stolen. They have been assaulted. Their case workers from NMSH (Northern Michigan Supportive Housing) assist them in dealing with their feelings and working through their issues. Staff, Board members and case workers work together to see each guy succeeds. 

This past summer we had 2 deaths at the House- both unexpected. We all grieved. A memorial tree with attached leather tags of the residents that have passed, that previously resided at the house, has been planted.

Memorial tree

Memorial tree

Dann’s House is more than a roof over their heads…it is a home where they learning to live in community.

Brenda Bartz

Brenda Bartz President of Dann's House