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February Dann’s House News 2022 – Letter from the President

Covid finally hit the House – all the residents, staff and most board members succumbed to the virus. All were vaccinated and had mostly mild symptoms. We are grateful for that.

Winter is rough on the residents without covid restrictions volunteers were able still to hold monthly meetings with food- always welcome. The guys attend facilitated weekly house meetings. House manager and case workers have managed to get guys to medical and various appointments. At the moment the house is fairly calm – but it fluctuates about as often as the weather.

Positive notes: One of our residents who has struggled with chronic alcoholism has transitioned to a sober house over a month ago and keeps in touch with our manager. He is so grateful for the support he received from Dann’s House over time he was a resident. Another resident just decided to “quit drinking – sick and tired of being sick.” We are so proud of him.

We are based on a Harm Reduction Model. We celebrate every positive step.

We’ve also sustained a huge loss – One of our original residents recently passed. He died at the house knowing that he was loved and in a warm home. Due to being housed he was able to reconnect with family. Eventually he was permitted to have visits with his grandchildren. He just beamed when talking about them. He will be missed for his humor and quick smile.

When this pandemic recedes, we will be seeking volunteers.

We are also in need of a grant writer. Please contact me if interested.

Brenda Bartz
Board President

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