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February Dann’s House News 2021 – Letter from the President

Winter has set in Traverse City with zero temps and considerable snowfall. Here at Dann’s House the residents have a warm, comfortable house. They have remained safe during this pandemic. Hoping residents will be able to get vaccinated soon. 

Our regular snow plow guy, due to a decline in his health, was unable to plow for us this year. We were left in a lurch when we had our first big snowfall and desperately needed to be plowed. Ben just happened to be driving by in his yellow plow truck and asked if he could help. He agreed to be our new plow guy for a reduced price of $20 a plow… that includes both driveways. That first big job was free! See “our supporters” on the Home page for details on his business. Thank-you Ben Adams.

I posted on the “Spark in the Dark” Facebook Group seeking a nighttime employee. We ended up with a huge spike in people checking our website. One lady delivered farm fresh eggs to us. If you have not checked out that website, do- it is a wonderful service to assist folks in need.

One of our residents who had really been struggling went to detox and then into a sober living house. We all wish him the best for what the future holds for this young man as he rebuilds his life.

I would like to recognize Bob Bevier, one of our board members, who leads a “House Meeting” support group every Wednesday. Bob starts out asking each person present for the meeting to say something they are thankful for and how they have made progress towards a goal. Case workers and the occasional board member may attend. Recently they have adopted a” talking stick.” The only person who should be talking is the person with the stick. This has cut down on some of the cross talking… let us just say there is still the occasional free for all 😊.

Julie and Sue also had a Valentines gathering for the guys with sloppy Joes, baked beans and homemade Heart cookies.  

All of us at Dann’s House appreciate your support in whatever way comes naturally for you!

Brenda Bartz

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