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Welcome to Dann’s House

Unique Supportive Housing

Dann’s House is a Michigan Nonprofit Corporation that provides supportive housing for people who have experienced chronic homelessness and also suffer from persistent, severe Alcohol Use Disorder. The house does not require residents to abstain from alcohol.

Dann’s House began as part of StonesHouse, a nonprofit formed in 2005 to help communities develop recovery residences and supports.

More than just a roof

The first Dann’s House opened in 2014 in Traverse City, Michigan. The house provides much more than four walls and a roof. It offers consistent support from professional staff and specially trained volunteers, following a Harm Reduction Model. Once housed in a safe environment, residents tend to reduce the amount of alcohol they consume. A Case Manager meets with each resident to help them assess their needs and set goals for their lives. They then work together to access services that will help them meet those needs and goals.  A House Manager helps the residents to track their health improvements and make and keep appointments with doctors and counselors. Once they have achieved some stability, most residents even seek employment and volunteering work.

This kind of facility is commonly referred to as a “wet house.” We choose not to use that term because it is pejorative. It implies a “party house” and attempts to define our residents simply by reducing them to their disease.

Dann’s House is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt nonprofit organization that relies on support from a variety of sources to fulfill our mission. It is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors.

Eric - Resident

Featured Resident


Eric been at the House for almost a year. He is quiet and shy. He suffers from severe anxiety. Most of the time it’s hard for him to be in crowds . He loves to read and he has a deep appreciation for art. He is a big help around the House. A garden plot was tilled up this Spring and Eric found another passion- gardening! At our Wednesday House meetings when we go around the group and ask for a gratitude- Eric always says I love my garden. He is able to reduce his anxiety while caring for the garden. This is beautiful to see.
He has requested more garden space for next year.

Featured Employee


Sandy is our House Manager Extraordinaire! She is AMAZING. The guys love her…but more importantly they respect her. She has a tough job. She supports the guys’ good behavior and when things go sideways she sets limits to bring things back on track. No easy task. She makes and takes the guys to appointments, stores, banks and a multitude of other places. She helps the guys reconnect with family members. She adds to the quality of each man’s life.

Barb - VolunteerFeatured Volunteer

Barb Huber Volunteer Extraordinaire!

The guys call Barb “The Soup Lady” For the past 6 months Barb has delivered the Monday night meal to the House. Although recently there was a chicken dumpling casserole dish that was a big hit. The guys were talking about it at our Wednesday House meeting.

I asked Barb why she chose to volunteer her services to Dann’s House. She said: “Several volunteer jobs ended with covid . I thought about things I enjoy and cooking is one of them. I wanted to serve the Lord in some capacity and this seemed like a great fit for me.” Thanks Barb for sending your Love and Light our way!

Saving & Transforming Lives
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