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Dann’s House Turns 2!

2 Years Old!Two years ago we opened Dann’s House with the simple goal of getting some of the most vulnerable people off of Traverse City’s streets and giving them a place to be safe, dry, and warm. We brought guys into Dann’s House with little expectation of significant improvement. The transformations that we have seen in many of our residents since opening have been nothing short of miraculous.

Tom J. had been living on the streets of Traverse City for years. He says:

My life had no purpose. I would go to a free breakfast at a church, then hang out in the park and drink. Drinking was the only thing that dulled the pain – the pain of loneliness, and of feeling like there was no point to being alive.

After he moved into Dann’s House, he found a sense of community and started feeling hope for the future. He now consumes less than half the amount of alcohol that he did when he was “living rough,” and he is receiving care for his physical and mental health for the first time in years.

A total of 26 men, up to eight at a time, have lived at Dann’s House, in a safe environment that the street can never offer. Eight have moved on to independent living, and six more have the realistic expectation of doing so soon. Five have been reunited with their families. One died from cancer, safe and warm and free of pain. One, having lowered his alcohol intake, discovered that some health problems that had been blamed on his drinking were actually more serious, and Dann’s House was able to help him get the medical care he needs.

All of the residents have reduced their alcohol intake, are receiving or applying for the benefits that they’re entitled to, and are making and keeping appointments with doctors and counselors. Most are employed or volunteering.

Will you help Dann’s House continue to serve our most vulnerable neighbors and improve the quality of life in our community?

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Community Impact Grant from United Way

United Way of Northern Michigan logoDann’s House has received a Community Impact grant from United Way of Northwest Michigan. The grant supports our Health Initiative, in which our staff and volunteers help our residents to work towards their goals for their physical and mental health. In addition to allowing Dann’s House to purchase equipment like scales and blood sugar monitors, the grant funds a paid staff member to track the residents’  health concerns and assist them in getting the care they need.

Record-Eagle Reviews Dann’s House Data

Central DispatchA recent Record-Eagle article reviewed the data collected by Dann’s House from Central Dispatch in Traverse City and saw the same dramatic decrease in police calls on our residents that we did when we analyzed the data. If you would like to see the whole report, you can find it here: Data Analysis from Central Dispatch.

The article was well written and well reasoned.  The only error we would note is this statement: “Reasons for the 911 calls ranged from assault and larceny to drunkenness and disorderly conduct.”

Record-Eagle“Assault” and “larceny” were among screening categories we used to gather all 564 reports for every incident at some designated locations. The screening list included: Assault, Assist, CSC, Disorderly, Drunkenness, EMS, Harassment, Larceny, MDOP (malicious destruction of property), Suspicious, Trespass, Weapons, and Welfare Check. A cursory review of our list of 84 incidents  in the Data Analysis from Central Dispatch will show that there are no larceny calls on our residents and all three assault calls were incidents where one of our residents was the victim. Call codes  for our residents were limited to  Assist, Disorderly, Drunkenness, EMS,  Suspicious, Trespass, and Welfare Check.

Record-Eagle/Tessa Lighty
Record-Eagle/Tessa Lighty