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Support for Dann’s House


Christie Minervini published an opinion column supporting the Dann’s House project in the Northern Express on July 27, 2014. Christie has been active in helping provide services to people in our community experiencing  homelessness, including serving on the Board of Safe Harbor.

Her column is well reasoned and thoughtful,  and  relies on facts and statistics from the project, “1811 Westlake” in Seattle,  Washington.

The  piece concludes:

I’d like to see Dann’s House get successfully up and running so that they can expand to serve the remaining inebriates left on the street. The reduction of public alcoholism will greatly improve the community atmosphere and nuisance issue, while providing a measure of human dignity to those experiencing homelessness now being vilified.

To read the rest of the column, click here.

$35,000 Health Innovation Grant

MDCHThe Michigan Department of Community Health awarded StonesHouse $35,000 for the Dann’s House project. The award was made under the State’s Health Innovations Grant program.

The Health Innovation Grants are intended to stimulate creativity and allow for ability to bridge the gap between creative, collaborative ideas and their implementation. Michigan has a broad number of community health priorities that must be addressed creatively to shape the future health of Michigan’s citizens. For fiscal year 2014 fifty grants were awarded for a total more than $1 million.

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